Thornhill-Dillon Mortuary has been serving Joplin area families for years. We are honored to be a part of the rich history of this community and plan to be a part of it for many years to come.

History of Thornhill-Dillon Mortuary

In 1903, Frank-Sievers Undertaking Company began and was located at 4th and Wall in Joplin. Frank-Sievers also obtained funeral records for Hurlbut-Mix-Booe. All of the funeral records dating back to 1903 have been well preserved and are available for reference today at Thornhill-Dillon Mortuary.

In 1938, Cecil A. Thornhill, born August 7, 1909, and David E. Dillon, born November 24, 1915, purchased Frank-Sievers Undertaking and changed the name to Thornhill-Dillon Mortuary. Operation continued to run at the downtown location for the next 17 years.

Cecil A. Thornhill

Cecil A. Thornhill

David E. Dillon Sr

David E. Dillon, Sr.

In 1953, Thornhill and Dillon began plans for the $150,000 construction of the new mortuary, located at 6th and Byers in Joplin, with the desire to relocate to a more peaceful location and away from the downtown bustle. Building was completed by M-P Construction of Carthage, Missouri, and the new location of Thornhill-Dillon Mortuary was dedicated on Sunday, July 10, 1955.

TD in 1955
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Staff in 1955

Cecil Thornhill passed away in New York City on December 20, 1965, at the age of 56. His wife, Thelma, continued to assist in operating the business and later sold completely to the Dillons in 1975. Cecil Thornhill is buried at Mount Hope Cemetery in Webb City, where you can see his headstone inscribed with his fundamental and long-living belief of “Service above Self”.

David Dillon, Sr., passed away on September 16, 1988, at the age of 72. He is also buried at Mount Hope Cemetery in Webb City. He faithfully served and supported his community for over fifty years. After his passing, his son, David Dillon, Jr., owned and operated Thornhill-Dillon until his decision to sell in 2007.

David E. Dillon Jr

David E. Dillon, Jr.

In 2007, William J. “B.J.” Goodwin, III, purchased Thornhill-Dillon Mortuary from David Dillon, Jr., making this his seventh location. Thornhill-Dillon underwent a $350,000 renovation upon his ownership and epitomizes the definition of tastefulness and quality. This updated, state-of-the-art facility is both welcoming and comforting and this helps us to offer our very best to each and every family we serve.

B.J. always knew growing up that he wanted to be a mortician. At the age of five, he received his first suit and tie for Christmas and that was the start of his dream. Today, he owns and operates a total of nine locations in both Jasper and McDonald County. His love and respect for the funeral industry motivates him to always give his very best to every family, every time, and he is proud to own Thornhill-Dillon Mortuary.

William J. “B.J.” Goodwin, III


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